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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

372 D St
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Phone:(801) 416-3522

Hours: 24 hours; call now for emergency service


We offer our great plumbing services throughout Salt Lake County. We do plumbing and HVAC services, drains, water heaters, remodels and new installs. 24-hour emergency services available.


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At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are part of the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise, which means you are guaranteed a good quality plumbing service.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing¬†is a franchise. It only started about 7 years ago. At that time, there were some other people out there that I’d actually tried and I didn’t like them. Ben Franklin had a goal and a mission to become the number one plumbing company in America. They have a couple other sister companies too. They have Mister Sparky, One Hour Heating & Air, and they’re just great people. Yes, they’re there to make money, but they’re there to provide a great service at a good price and we’re trying to get rid of the “butt-crack plumber” image. So many contractors out there, so many different trades out there, that will go in there and really rip people off. If they call us, they know, first of all, this is a franchise, there’s somebody higher that I can go to if I have a problem. It will give a lot of people more of a peace of mind feel. If I call these guys, I know what to expect. They got a reputation out there.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing also Does Heating and Cooling

Your satisfaction is backed by our “Customer Bill of Rights.” You deserve respect and so does your home. That is why your Benjamin Franklin Plumber in Salt Lake City, Utah does more than just fix your plumbing problem.

Take the financial fear out of calling Salt Lake City, Utah plumbers with Ben’s simple and straight-forward pricing policy.

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